Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Fat Person: The conversation your family wants to have with you

I have spent a lot of time in Europe over the past year. When I come back to America I am appalled at what I see. Living in Northern Kentucky has opened my eyes to the epidemic of obesity in America. As I look around me, I see that for every 10 people, 8 are overweight and 5 are obese. In Europe, it is the opposite. For every 10 people, 8 are at a healthy weight and 2 are slightly overweight and RARELY do you see an obese person. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America, we hear it all the time, but it is TRUE, We are killing ourselves with food. It is SO SAD. If you are fat, please know that I am not judging you for your choices, I am just trying to understand and HELP you understand the situation. Food is a drug, and so is inactivity. Our system is SO MESSED UP! We are in a system where the cheap food is fattening and the expensive food is healthy. WE HAVE IT ALL WRONG. I am not going to go into all the issues of WHY in this entry,,,,but true fact is that we are in a crisis! Lets stop bitching and do some work now to fix the situation. If you are fat you have to get off the food drugs and make better choices. Here are the things you need to realize, and please know that you will not like what you are about to hear:

1. You are killing yourself a slow death of heart disease, diabetes, cancer... the list goes on
2. You are setting a poor example for your children
3. It is not entirely your fault that you are fat, but at this point you have to stop pointing fingers and do something about it. It is what it is.. now take action!  If you don't you will not live to see your children and grandchildren live full lives.
4. If you are fat and living a long healthy life, you are lucky but your children who are watching you may not be so lucky. The statistics are staggering for children who have type 2 diabetes, a disease based solely on diet and normally only acquired by adults.
5. Get OFF SUGAR! Get off the fast food. Seriously, is it that hard to pack a healthy lunch and to cook dinner instead of going out every night?
6. YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF. Yes I said it. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT by adding 30 minutes of walking, joining a gym and cutting out fast food. There are hundreds of gyms and programs to help you. Get off your butt and do some research!
7. Why are you fat? Look at the real issues. If you have a psychological addiction, eating disorder or other medical problem, seek help or counseling. Get to the root of the problem. Your life depends on it
8. Do you like what you see? If you said yes but you know deep inside that you are lying then you are in serious denial. Be honest with yourself.
9. Do you have energy everyday to do simple tasks? The reason why you are so tired is because of your DIET....A poor diet makes you lethargic. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE
10. I'm writing this because your family and friends love you and care about you and know that you are struggling with your weight. You are not alone. This country is in a crisis,,,,use all of your resources to get the help you need so that you can be around for your children, your family and most importantly for yourself.

If you need help, dietary advice or a trainer, at your service!

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  1. I just saw this - OMG - I posted about the weight issue on Facebook and almost thought I was going to get blown off the map. Everyone wants people to accept them for being fat. It's not like that - people are attracted to healthy - not fat, not skinny. It is a matter of priority - taking the tine to actually cook is important. Everyone is too busy to take care of themselves, it's sad. Anyway, thanks for sharing how messed up the US is, especially compared to Europe - when I returned back from my trip I noticed what slobby dressers they are over here! ;)