Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why On-line Training with ME Will Work For YOU

                               Why On-line Training with ME  Will Work For YOU!
I am a tell-it-like-it-is type of person. I also have a sense of humor and am able to laugh at myself and move forward and use my wisdom to help others. Many people enjoy having me as their trainer in person, but just as many enjoy my on-line training business. I have had so much success with this program that I'd like to offer a few reasons WHY it can work for you.

1. Accountability: You send me pictures every week of you in a swimsuit or your underwear. It's that simple! I gague your progress and keep you on schedule.

2. Flexibility: Keeping an appointment with a trainer isn't always easy. With online training YOU train when YOU want, where you want and when it's convenient for you.

3. Individually Tailored and Changeable. You have access to me via text or email 24/7. I can change your meal plan, cardio or training schedule to fit your needs. If a meal plan just isn't working for you, I will create a solution.

4. Cheaper Than An IN-Person Trainer:  A personal trainer can range from 30-80 American Dollars per hour. Check out my rates on  You get workouts, daily interaction AND accountability at a much cheaper rate.

5. Non-stop Attention: I will be here to answer questions, to coach and motivate, change and enhance plans based on your schedule, progress and goals. The program is about YOU and making fitness a part of your unique lifestyle to fit your unique goals. Your program is personal. I will NEVER give the same program to two people. I take time to individualize every meal and every workout.

6. ME :) Need I say more? NOOOO I'm not cocky, I am just confident in what I do. I am an educated, experienced and passionate coach and teacher.  I am  punctual and caring. I am in this with you. I promise to get your fitness journey moving in the right direction.

If you are interested in learning more about my programs visit or email me at

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