Thursday, January 10, 2013

                   Weight Training Your Core/ Abs and Instinctive Training for each Individual

Hi everyone, I got some not-so-great advice from a fitness expert.  She told me that abdominal training was not necessary.  She said that if I wanted abs, it was "all diet and cardio." This is what had worked for her so I decided to take her advice.....

  So I didn't train  my core, abdominals or obliques for a couple years and focused on my diet and cardio. I rarely trained my abs except for a few measly crunches and plank holds.

 Unfortunately, although her plan may have worked for her, it didn't work for me.  After a couple of years on this path, I realized I was getting weaker, my posture wasn't as great and I was having lower back pain.  I hold fat on my lower back and hips, and genetically I have small amount of muscle density in my abdominals. I decided to treat myself as I would my own client,,,what would I prescribe for myself? This plan obviously wasn't suited to my genetics, so I started to train my midsection "instinctively" or as I felt I should.....

 I started training my core, ab dominals, sides and obliques with medicine balls, dumbbells, kettle bells and bands (resistance and weight bearing exercises)  3 times  a week. I incorporated more twisting movements, and hit my midsection as I would my arms, legs and back.  Along with a clean but not perfect diet, my midsection started to get tighter, more defined and my hips and waist were shrinking!  

The lesson  learned here is that some   trainers will only train you from their own personal experience. I would encourage you to train "instinctively" if you notice that certain exercises work for you hit them hard.  I would also highly recommend that you CHANGE your workouts frequently as your body will adjust after 6 weeks of the same regime.

 Even myself, a highly educated and experienced trainer fell for taking bad advice.  It actually wasn't "bad" advice, it just wasn't what would work for my body and my genetics. I actually needed a clean diet AND weight training and cardio.  I am so happy that I decided to train instinctively as my midsection has changed dramatically in the last year or two.    Watch, listen and learn from your body and keep your trainer posted on the changes you see. Remember everyone is different so all training plans should work to accomodate your specific goals and body types! 

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